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4 Piece Underguard Suitable For Toyota Hilux 2015- on

Bullet proof armour for the underside of your vehicle.

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Off road touring is fraught with potential hazards that can ultimately leave travellers stranded in remote, hard to reach locations. Those who have suffered the merciless wrath of the outback’s rugged terrain, will know first hand just how serious an issue it really is. A punctured sump, a tail-shaft jammed with logs, or even a damaged radiator; a failure of this nature can be both very costly and terrifying for those unlucky enough to be stranded without help.

Brown Davis has tackled the issue of Underbody protection head on, to develop bullet proof amour for the underside of most popular off road machines. With over 30 years off road experience, and a solid understanding of what is encountered when off road trekking, Brown Davis has every base of design covered to ensure you have every chance of battling the outback and winning every time. By incorporating specific design features and utilizing high grade materials, the Brown Davis Range of Underguards will protect you and your vehicle.


FITTING TIME: 1 hour/s

Laser cut on high tech machinery, each guard is manufactured from 3mm steel with folded reinforcements to provide significant strength without adding unnecessary weight to your vehicle. All guards come with full fitting kits where applicable, (if factory mounting bolts cannot be retained) and comprise of high tensile grade 8.8 fasteners for a true bolt on item.

Protection areas

Front guard: Designed to protect the front of the vehicle against potential damage to vital components such as radiators, intercoolers, steering rack, tie rods and diff. Some guards also extend under the engine to protect your sump thus reducing the risk of losing oil and potentially causing severe engine damage. Where possible guards are designed to slope at specific angles to act as a deflecting tool to help push any objects downwards under the vehicle away from further damage.

Transmission guard: Mounted beneath the transmission (manual or automatic), the transmission guards protect against protrusions that may potentially damage the transmission or tail shaft to transmission input. These guards are designed to extend from the rear of the front guard to act as a complete skid under your vehicle as you slide over tough terrain.

Transfer case guard: these guards can be mounted to the chassis or in some cases directly to the Transfer case itself. They are designed to protected the transfer case from protrusions as well as direct impacts from ramp over in tough terrain.

Fuel tank guard: Brown Davis make a very limited number of fuel tank protection guards as in most cases we offer a strong fully baffled steel replacement fuel tank.