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$1,918.18 AUD

Brown Davis long range and auxiliary tanks are most thoroughly engineered tanks available.

In a day and age where being able to go further and longer is always better, four wheel driving across any continent is no exception.

Brown Davis long range and auxiliary tanks are arguably the most thoroughly engineered long range and auxiliary tank available. Utilising high grade materials and over 30 years of design knowledge and engineering expertise, backed by a 3 year warranty, Brown Davis continues to set the benchmark in the aftermarket fuel tank industry.

All Brown Davis tanks are constructed from the highest quality 2.0mm [14 gauge] cold rolled aluminium coated steel. This material is extremely durable and has minimum corrosion susceptibility being ideal for the harshest environments around the globe. Aside from maintaining standard ground and ramp-over clearances, each tank design incorporates many unique design features to ensure the best tank performance. Internal tank baffles and swirl pots prevent fuel surge on uneven terrain, double skin mount points ensure maximum mounting strength, side mounted drain plugs prevent damage when driving over rugged terrain are just some of the standard features.

Each tank is meticulously MIG welded and passes through a number of quality checks and pressure tests prior to completion. No other aftermarket fuel tank comes close to such thorough engineering techniques and attention to detail in design and manufacture.

If you are in the market for a long range replacement or auxiliary tank and you want the best then look no further...