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Bunker 4WD Complete Recovery Kit

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Hit the unknown path prepared with a off-road recovery kit is the finest choice you can make, because you never know when or where you will get stuck! This off-road recovery kit by BUNKER INDUST comes with 2 snatch straps, which measure 8ft and 20 ft and have a width of 3 inches, that are made from Polyester with a breaking strength of 32,000LBS to recover most vehicles with ease! And 2 rust and corrosion resistant bow shackles promise 4.75 tons towing capacity, and UHMWPE made soft shackle delivers 11 tons breaking capacity without the fear of snapping. Leather gloves are essential when you’re working with a winch line, and the snatch block doubles the winch capacity and allows a more direct pull. The winch dampener suppresses excess stored energy build up on the winch rope, and you can fill the single inside pocket with extra weight if you want. Neon orange color and reflective strips give a visibility boost, and protective sleeves on the straps and soft shackle prevent abrasion.


Comprehensiveness: The BUNKER INDUST recovery kit is complete with everything: from snatch straps, shackles, gloves and winch dampener to snatch block.

Stronger Bow Shackle: Made of rust and corrosion resistant PVC coated forged iron, it promises 4.75 tons towing capacity to recover stranded vehicles.

Solid Snatch Strap: These Polyester snatch straps, which measure 8ft and 20ft, have a breaking strength of 32,000 lbs, and flat shape makes wrapping easier.

Tougher Soft Shackle: This UHMWPE made shackle, with 11 tons breaking capacity, lets you pull large vehicles, without the fear of accidentally snapping it.

Durable Snatch Block: This PVC coated device is designed with 8 ton capacity that can lessen the amount of pressure on your winch to extend its lifespan.

Protective Gloves: Made of split cowhide leather, the thumbs and palms of the gloves are reinforced to protect your hands from abrasion and high temperature.

Winch Dampener: It is designed to prevent rope recoil in the event of a rope failure to spare yourself from fatalities, and reflective strips enhance visibility.

Sturdy Carry Bag: This carry bag can conveniently store all your off road recovery kit and its reflective strips provide a visibility boost at night!

Optimized Design: Neon orange color gives a visibility boost, isolator protect shackle from abrasion, Polyester sleeve protects the strap and shackle from abrasion.

Great Flexibility: This BUNKER INDUST offroad recovery kit provides 2 snatch straps, a soft shackle as well as 2 shackles for flexible and alternative use.


Short Snatch Strap: 76mm x 2.4m

Long Snatch Strap: 76mm x 6m

Snatch Strap Capacity: 32,000 LBS

Bow Shackle Material: Forged Iron

Bow Shackle Capacity: 4.75T

Soft Shackle Material: UHMWPE

Soft Shackle Capacity: 11,000KG

Snatch Block Capacity: 8,000KG

Leather Glove Material: Split Cowhide Leather

Carry Bag Material: Oxford Fabric

Leather Glove Material: Split Cowhide Leather

Package Size: 440x330x180mm

Gross Weight: 11.12KG


1x 3”x 8FT Snatch Strap | 32,000LBS
1x 3”x 20FT Snatch Strap | 32,000LBS
1x Snatch Block | 8T
2x Bow Shackles | 4.75T each
Pair Bow Shackle Isolators
1x Soft Shackle | 11T
Pair Leather Recovery Gloves
1x Winch Dampener
1x Carry Bag


1 Year Warranty


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