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Bunker Recovery Traction Boards

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Getting your vehicle unstuck from its boggy trap is quite frustrating, even an all-wheel or four-wheel drive can barely escape that dilemma. But the inception of BUNKER INDUST recovery track will 100% ease your pains! Forget your old-fashioned recovery tracks, this track by BUNKER INDUST, made of UV-stabilized automotive grade Polypropylene that can withstand up to 10 tons of weight, integrates interlocked diamond array construction that further enhances its flexibility. It can be safely bent to up to 150° without fracture! To further enhance its versatility, this track also has a jack base that is compatible with most farm jacks and ARB jack. And the cross-shaped teeth is strengthened to avoid melting against drastic wheel spin and well positioned for added traction and bite. In addition, the bottom of this recovery track not only inherits the same diamond array construction but also has the same function of the front. Be sure not to miss this creative device.

Highly Durable: UV-stabilized automotive grade Polypropylene enables the track to deliver superior impact resistance and can be used in ambient -30℃~ 120 ℃.

Ultra Flexibility: The interlocked diamond array aims to offer stronger flexibility,the track can be bent to up to 150° without fracture.

Tougher But Lighter: Weighted only 5.92kg per pair, these BUNKER INDUST recovery tracks can withstand weight of up to 10 tons.

Strengthened Teeth: The cross-shaped teeth, well positioned to bite the tyres to prevent vehicle from slipping back, will not melt against drastic wheel spin.

Diamond Array Design: The interlocked diamond array aims to offer stronger flexibility---the track can be bent to up to 150° without fracture.

Super Versatility: Compatible with most farm jacks and ARB jack, this recovery track is designed to help lift your vehicle in less ideal conditions.

Double Capabilities: The bottom adopts the same construction of the top to provide a firmer grip of the ground and can also be used to get your vehicle unstuck.

Upgraded Front Design: The interlocked diamond array offers superior debris and sludge facilitation ability, especially for the jack base in the center.

Contour Ramp: Contoured to fit most tyres, the ramps are designed for an easier entering under the tyre and drive up, and can also be used as shovels.

User Friendly Design: Ergonomic handles add comfort when using its end as a shovel and 10 keyholes allow convenient mounting.

Ldeal for off-road use: Perfect fit for every outing,Bunker Indust stows easily with the rest of your car camping, overlanding, or four-wheel drive touring gear.


Material: UV-stabilized automotive grade Polypropylene

Maximum Load: 10 ton load capacity on flat ground

Package Size: 105 x 34 x 10.5cm

GW: 6.7KG per pair

2x Grey Recovery Tracks


Lifetime Warranty



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