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Clearview Next Gen Towing Mirrors Pair Suitable for Toyota Hilux 2015 on

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After 4 years of design, engineering and rigorous testing on some of Australia’s most challenging terrain, Clearview present the Clearview Next Gen Mirror. As industrial strength as the original mirror, the Next Gen mirror offers not just superior vision as a towing mirror but also greatly improves your view and safety as your regular driving mirror. Customised to fit over 50 vehicles, Clearview Accessories have the perfect mirror to suit your driving and towing needs.

  • Smaller head than Original Mirror
  • Sturdy steel arm construction with telescopic 2 stage slide out extension
  • Attaches to your original vehicle mirror mounts 3 telescopic arm positions: Normal driving position, First towing position, Extended towing position
  • Large top flat glass for optimum vision and safety
  • Choice of Manual Fold or Power Fold base
  • Repositioned convex bottom mirror to sit higher above the window line improving visibility
  • Smaller frame size and overall shape reduces wind resistance
  • 3 in 1 Category 6 LED indicator light: Includes clearance light & courtesy light- both need to be hard wired
  • Will fit all of existing mirror bases, but not recommended for a conversion.
  • Sits back in close to the car when not towing
  • Sleek-compact design. Only extending 351mm from your vehicle, the Next Gen Mirror sits 76MM closer to the vehicle than our Original Mirror
  • First towing position: The double telescopic steel arm construction allows for greater driving visibility
  • Extended towing position: Extending a massive 180MM, the Next Gen Mirror expands to the same distance position as our Original Mirror! At this position, you have complete vision and confidence for towing your boat, trailer or caravan. Total extension length from base mount is 531MM.
  • Looks great and adds massive functionality to your vehicle
  • Comes in a choice of chrome, black textured or gloss black which can be painted any colour to match your vehicle (Done at any third party auto painting service)
  • All Clearview mirrors come with the option of manual or electric operation of top flat glass *Options may vary depending on make, model and year of vehicle

What colours are available?
The Next Gen mirror comes standard with the black textured head covering but the chrome and gloss black head coverings can be purchased separately.

Can you fit the mirror yourself?
Yes! Depending on the complexity of the installation, Clearview mirrors are extremely easy to install and mount to the vehicle’s original OEM mirror mounts. Depending on the vehicle’s current mirror options, Clearview mirrors have wiring looms that are as easy as plug and play. Clearview recommends that any installation requiring hard wiring be done by a licensed auto electrician.

What is the fitting time?
Depending on the complexity of the installation, a dealer should be able to install the mirrors in approximately 15 minutes per side of vehicle. Installation requiring special fitting and/or hard wiring will require longer fitting times (eg: Camera, electric wiring kits. Note: The 70 Series mirrors with electrics are more complex and take more time than a ‘normal’ vehicle fitting). Please contact Clearview mirrors if you have any questions about fitting or wiring.

How much closer are they to the car?
Compared to our Original Mirrors, the Next Gen mirrors sit at the same width as the standard OEM mirrors. Even with its compact design, the Next Gen mirror extends to the same extension length position as our original mirror.

Are the telescopic arms electric?
No. The telescopic arms are extended manually. Clearview Mirrors will only fold against the vehicle electronically provided we make that model in Power Fold.

What does 3-1 Indicator mean?
The Next Gen mirrors come with a Category 6 LED indicator light. These indicators have the in-built ability to be vehicle indicators, clearance lights and courtesy lights. 3 functions for the one set of LED lights

Are the Next Gen Mirrors ADR compliant?
Yes. All Clearview mirrors are ADR compliant so are legal Australia-wide .

How easy is it to fit the camera? Or do you provide a camera with the mirror?
Clearview Accessories do not provide an aftermarket solution for the cameras. At this stage, we must transfer the camera from the original mirror and install to the Clearview Mirrors. We suggest having the cameras fitted by a qualified dealer. This is not a feature we can provide for vehicles that do not contain a camera in the OEM mirror. Installing cameras to the Next Gen is a lot easier to install than the Original mirror head. You just remove the cap underneath the head, insert camera and re-attach cap underneath the head again.

Can you add an indicator later if you didn’t order the mirrors with an indicator?
Yes, you can. But it comes with a greater expense than if ordering the mirrors with indicators. Installation to the mirror head will require longer time and more parts to dismantle.