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RD-0.2 0.2m LED Dimmer

$10.00 AUD

This round wheel dimmer is the perfect solution to adjust the brightness of your LED lights.

Need a lot of light round your camp site BUT then once you have set up and your eyes adjust and its just too bright? This round wheel dimmer is the perfect solution as it has a large range of control including the ability to switch your light off all together.

For use with any of our LED strips or LED modules, compatible with our extension leads and suitable to control up to 60w of our 12v LED lights. So thats 2 x 180 LED 29w strip, or 5 x 60 LED 10.4w strips etc...

Perfect for indoor lighting, edge decoration, walkways, stairs, features, enclosures, cabinets, and so on…  you will be amazed at how much light you can get from such a small device.

Voltage in: 12v DC
Voltage out: 12v DC
Current: 5 amps / 60w