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Base Coat (12 cans)

Glo-X Base Coat is a high quality white primer for illumination Paint

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Glo-X Base Coat is a high quality white primer, designed and manufactured to give the optimum results for Glo-X Professional Night Paints.

It is a fast drying acrylic undercoat suitable for multiple surfaces.


PREPARATION: The surface must be clean and dry, free from grease, rust and dirt. Lightly feathersand entire area to be painted. Protect adjoining surfaces from overspray.

BEFORE SPRAYING: Shake can vigorously until mixing ball rattles freely inside the can and continue shaking for a further 1 minute. Avoid spraying when air or surface temperature is below 10°C or above 30°C.

DIRECTIONS: Hold can upright approximately 20-25cm from surface and spray using smooth even strokes. This product is formulated to resist running and sagging. Apply a minimum of 3 light but full coats allowing 5 minutes between coats. Allow 1 hour before sanding and also preparing for the top coat of Glo-X Professional Night Paint.

AFTER SPRAYING: Prevent blocking by turning the can upside down and spraying until clear gas emerges. Also wipe front of the nozzle clean. Poor product performance can occur if the above instructions are not followed.

DISPOSAL: Spray unwanted paint onto newspaper, allow to dry and dispose of via domestic waste collection. Empty aerosol cans are recyclable via steel can recycling programs. Disposal of empty aerosol containers via domestic recycling programs differ between local authorities. Check with your local council first.