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BEST Water Filter

$110.00 AUD

Camper trailer & caravan water filter with standard hose ends for DIY.

BEST Water Filters look after the water supply needs for caravans, Mobile Homes and other needs where water is stored into a tank.

For Caravan and Mobile Home owners it means an easy way to make sure the water in your tanks is clean and free from germs.

When you need reliable and safe water filtration to fill your caravan, mobile home or water tank, simply attach the hose to your Best Filter to fill your tank with water that has the dirt and germs removed.

Removes herbicides, pesticides, dirt, sediment and kills bacteria and effective against parasites.

BEST Water Filters are a reliable in-line water filter for use by owners of Camper Trailers, Caravans, Mobile Homes, or even Water Tanks.

BEST water filters remove dirt and germs to make fresh water safe to drink.

Best Water Filter Features:

  • Rated to filters 5,000 litres of fresh water
  • A high flow rate - inline water filter. Simply click onto a hose and fill your tank. Standard 3/4" fittings included.
  • 1 micron filter removed dirt and sediment
  • Removes chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, dirt and sediment, kills bacteria and prevents the release of parasites.
  • Unit is reversable so that it can be backflushed when flow starts to drop.
  • PLEASE NOTE: This unit will NOT work on caravan hand pumps.