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Lynxhooks Sports Strap

$29.00 AUD

Lynxhooks are an innovative new interlocking tie down strap which allows a range of different tie down options.

Lynx Hooks Sport Straps are sold in pairs.

LYNX Hooks Sport Stretch Straps are designed to do everything bungee cords and ocky straps can’t do, and then go further… way further. It’s all-possible because of three things we insisted upon as we developed LYNX.

The patented straps themselves are custom made for us by Rok™ Straps, of premium solid rubber, protected in a jacket of the highest quality weather-resistant woven polyester, attached to the same top quality grade of polyester in a non-stretchy webbing. High quality polyester is more expensive than nylon, but it’s worth it because it’s weather-resistant, which means the straps will last longer than old-fashioned bungee cords, even when neglected and left out in the elements. The hybrid construction also means the webbing holds firm while the stout stretch of the rubber absorbs shock and keeps the webbing from jogging loose.

The adjustment buckle built into the webbing allows a maximum length of 114 cm per strap, which can be adjusted all the way down to 48 cm and any length in between.

The buckle includes a quick release, for easy access to your gear without having to unstrap everything. It also allows you to loosen the tension so unhooking is easier and safer.

Lynxhooks Aqua Blue Strap

The AQUA BLUE strap has a bright blue polyester stretch cover with black stripes. Blue like the ocean. Which is fitting because in addition to being UV-resistant and ozone-resistant, all our straps are also marine-resistant. The remainder of the strap is black polyester webbing.

Lynxhooks Black Reflective Sports Strap

The BLACK REFLECTIVE strap has a black polyester cover with reflective cross-hatch stitching that looks refined and classy in the daytime and amazingly attention-getting when light hits it after dark -- the muted-looking white stitches light up like fluorescent lights. The remainder of the strap is black polyester webbing.

Lynxhooks Camo Green Sports Strap

The CAMO GREEN strap has a beautiful jungle camo weave polyester cover – an unusual look that can pass for either a military article or an expensive understated sport coat. The remainder of the strap is olive polyester webbing.

Lynxhooks Hi-Viz Green Sports Strap

The HI-VIZ GREEN strap has an attractive bright green polyester cover with black stripes, great visibility for snow season or any time of year, especially if you’re ever riding, running, or hiking on back roads where drivers aren’t always paying attention. The remainder of the strap is black polyester webbing.

Lynxhooks Orange Sports Strap

The ORANGE strap has an attractive blaze-orange polyester cover with black stripes, great for visibility in the snow and during hunting season. The remainder of the strap is black polyester webbing.

Lynxhooks Red Sports Strap

The RED strap has an attractive and highly visible red polyester cover with black stripes – for some reason in our neck of the woods it’s especially popular with bicyclists. The remainder of the strap is black polyester webbing.

Lynxhooks Tactical Black Sports Strap

The TACTICAL BLACK strap has a matte black polyester cover over the rubber section, and is completed by our standard black webbing. Even the LYNX stitching is black. It's for those times you really don't care about standing out, being seen. We're talking the opposite of attention-getting. We're talking stealth. Practical. Understated. Macho.