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The Tough Toys team are travelling to Cape York from 19th May to 15th June. Some orders may experience delays during this time & we appreciate your patience.

Courier PE PG PH Jack Rear Bar 99-07

$1,150.00 AUD

Protect the rear of your vehicle with a useful MCC 4x4 Rear Carrier Bar.



  • A unique rear step tow bar

  • High quality steel components

  • Comes standard in black power coated

  • Side protection tube

  • Two number plate lights

  • Two recovery points

  • Hi-lift jacking points

The Courier PG 2004-2006 item is made to order please allow 8 to 12 weeks from date of order.

All rear bar come with fitting kit towbar, towbar tongue and ball. Towbar ADR 62/02 approved and rated as per vehicle manufacturer's minimum as below:
MAX Tow Bar Rating 3000KG
MAX Tow Bar Download 300kg
Please Refer to your vehicle owner manual for maximum permissable vehicle model towing load capacity.

All rear bars come with 4 pre-drilled universal sensor holes 22mm
All rear bars do not allow for factory parking sensors or cameras.
Some Factory Parking Sensors may not allow fitment for light kit option for jack rear bar.