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Stainless Falcon Bar Suitable For Mitsubishi Pajero

Making remote area travel safer, stronger and appealing features to suit your life style.

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MCC manufactures a several type of bars from premium "Falcon Bar", to the more functional "Classic Bar", as well as tough Australian design "Rocker Bar".Our engineering team has brought you the new features aimed at making remote area travel safer, stronger and appealing feature to suit your life style.


Falcon Bar MCC 707-01

Airbag and winch compatible bracket

Stainless steel grade 304 / Triple loops design

Dual aerial mounts

Dual hi-lift jacking points

Driving lights mounts

Parker and indicator lights

Over rider protection

Fog lights  125 mm. / HB4 OEM high quality standard

High quality materials

Under protection plate (OPTION)

Please Note:
The Pajero NH-NL, NM-NP & NS-NW Items are made to order please allow 8 to 12 weeks from date of order.
The Pajer NM-NPwasher bottle obstructs bar bracket (Universal washe bottle will be required).