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Hand Winch Replacement Cable

$199.00 AUD

Replace your old, broken or worn out hand winch wire cable to ensure safer winching.

Constructed from galvanised 7x19 aircraft cable.
Seven main strands comprising of nineteen individual wires.
This type of cable is the most flexible and easiest to work with, particularly when the cable is required to turn corners, change directions or feed through a snatch block.
Recommended replacement cable for Mmean Mother Hand Winches
Compatible with other winch brands

Hand winches are a must have accessory if you don’t have an electric winch. The main advantage of a hand winch is it does not rely on the vehicle’s power system and can be used and transferred between vehicles. The 1600kg winch is the most common as its weight is only 12kg making it easy to carry and setup for a recovery. The 3200kg winch has obvious benefits in its capacity however it is a much heavier unit at 23kg which can make a recovery setup more difficult.

Working on a simple principle a set of jaws inside the unit, clamp the wire cable and pull it through the unit. A great feature of the hand winch is that it can operate in both forward and reverse.  Hand Winches are also available for purchas seperatly.