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10w Trickle Feed Solar Panel Kit

Keep you vehicles battery topped up for its next use.

$71.82 AUD
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Aluminium frame

Tempered glass

Comes with Regulator

Lawnmowers, Tractors, Trucks, Boats, Earth moving Equipment. Any vehicle or engine that is left for months at a time without idling, keep it topped up for its next use. Protect the battery from discharge.

Regulators are a very important feature to have on a solar panel:

As the name suggests they regulate the power going into your battery to an acceptable voltage level of around 13.8 V instead of the 17 to 21 V coming straight out of the solar panel. They also prevent overcharging of your battery and feedback which can occur when there is no sun.

Did you know?

There is 3 types of Lead Acid batteries:

– Flooded cell like you see in your car which ARE NOT MAINTENANCE FREE

– AGM – these are still Lead Acid batteries but ARE MAINTENANCE FREE as the electrolyte (Sulfuric Acid is stored in the AGM batteries in the glass matting that surrounds the electrodes

– Gel Batteries – have either silicon or Aluminum oxide which is poured into the acid to make a gel (Please note this is just a little draft of free information for you …. more to come)

Regards Rod Irving

24 Volt version coming soon …

Check out our Soft Case Carry Bag (Optional Extra)

30 Day money back Guarantee

1 Year Replacement Warranty

25 Year Power Warranty


Maximum Power 10w

Open Circuit (Voc) 22.3V

Short Circuit (lsc) 0.61A

Maximum Power Voltage 18V

Maximum Power current(lmp) 0.58A

Working Temperature -45C to +85C

Cell Efficiency 16.2%

Number of Cells 36pcs

Tolerance +-5%

Dimensions 340x230x17mm

Weight 1100g

Connection Lead Length 5 meters

(From Regulator to clips)

Connection Type Alligator Clips