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120w Fixed Solar Panel

The Cutting Edge of Clean Energy at an unbeatable price.

$227.27 AUD
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120W High efficiency Cells
Solar Panel – Rectangular Shape

The cutting edge of
Clean Energy at an
unbeatable price.

Top One Solar Brand 12v, monocrystalline silicon
Aluminium frame Tempered glass.

Maximum Power 120W

Open Circuit (Voc) 20.8V

Short Circuit (lsc) 7.67A

Maximum Power Voltage 17.2V

Maximum Power current(lmp) 6.97A

Working Temperature -40C to +85C

Tolerance +-3%

Cell Efficiency 17.3%

Dimensions 1240*680*35mm Weight 12KG

Connection type MC4

Tempered Glass 3.2mm

Temperature Coefficients of Isc (%)°C +0.05

Temperature Coefficients of Voc (%)°C -0.34

Temperature Coefficients of Pm (%)°C -0.45

10 year replacement warranty.

25 year power warranty

The cutting edge of Clean Energy at an unbeatable price!
120W Solar Panel

12V nominal voltage

cell efficiency ≥ 14.00%


The panels comes with a connection lead with MC4 connectors at the end for an easy plug and play installation

Aluminium frame

Weatherproof film

Built in bypass diode

Tempered glass

convenient size