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Peggy Anchor Plate Kit

Peggy pegs are the ultimate way to tie down your camping gear.

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The range of our Peggy Peg products is very clear and rational designed. A lot of products have more than one application area. Just like the Peggy Peg Anchor Plate 1.0. With the u-shaped steel hook, it's a perfect anchoring device for storm straps or strings. Up to six Peggy N's (20cm length) can secure the plate to the ground. It's again possible to work with the height-adjustable hook system to secure the plate even when the Peggy N can't completely screw into the stony grounds. You may also use our new developed Peg&Stop screw-in pegs with the Anchor Plate 1.0

Attention please: Our Hardcore Peggy (Hit-in screw-out peg) doesn’t fit through the holes in this plate. That’s because we designed the screw a few years later. If needed, use the Fix&Go Ancor plate 2.0. It can be used with our u-shaped storm hooks and the Harcore Peggy


  • Tie-down for storm straps and tent ropes.
  • For adjustment bar of travel or winter awnings.
  • Suitable for (almost) all our Peggy Pegs.

Product contains:

  • 2 x Anchor Plates blue
  • 2 x Uni Plates orange
  • 2 x storm hooks

Technical Information:

Material: PA with fibreglass (plate), steel (hooks)
Length: 20cm
Wrench size: -
Torque: -
Content: 1 Pack
Packaging: 12,1x20,1x3,6cm
Weigth: 0,373kg 


All Peggy purchases come with a 100% money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty but please always contact us in case of a problem. We are in constant development and improvement. So, if you reach out to us, we can also determine what happened and prevent it from happening again.

We strongly recommend having vehicle accessories products installed by a professional workshop for the best results and to ensure proper operation.

Additionally, please be aware that the installation of aftermarket modifications to your vehicle may affect its compliance with local road use regulations. We advise you to consult with your local authorities and verify the necessary certification or compliance requirements to remain legal for on-road use of your vehicle.