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Peggy Camp-A-Toaster

Peggy peg is the ultimate in camping gear.

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The Camp-A-Toaster is a well proven and popular camping toaster. Whilst new in Australia, the Camp-A-Toaster has been contributing to healthy hearty hassle free breakfasts for over 50 years. The original design was American, but our current model is manufactured in Europe

The unit simply sits on top of the normal gas ring, and its unique v shaped design deflects some of the heat from the hottest area – near the centre, to the outer edges of the unit, thus giving a good and uniform ‘toasting’ heat all over the underside of the bread / roll / croissant / baguettes / hamburger buns, etc.

The construction gives a rigid platform, and is manufactured from stainless steel, to last a life time.

The toaster is supplied individually boxed, and comes with a polyester carry bag to keep it clean, and ensure ‘rattle free’ storage.

The toaster is typically used when touring in tents, motorhomes, camper trailers, caravans, fifth wheelers, boats, RVs, even weekend homes.

The toaster is used most frequently on gas stove tops, but it also works well on charcoal grills and wood burning stoves.

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