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Peggy Fix & Go Plate

Peggy pegs are the ultimate way to tie down your camping gear.

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Fast secure and easy teardown!

Even though the weather seems to be good, an awning should always be fixed tightly to the ground.
Our awarded Fix&Go Anchor Plate 2.0 will be a perfect solution.
While setting up your awning you simply put each leg in one of our Fix&Go Anchor Plate 2.0 and lock them in position. Secure the plates with a few Peggy screw-in pegs - ready.
The advantage of this Anchor Plate is that you can quickly retract the awning legs again by only opening the sliders.
If you need some shade again you simply extend the awning and secure the awning legs back into the still secured Fix&Go Anchor Plates.
Plate and locks were designed to suit almost every kind of awning and tent poles. (Fiamma, Thule Omnistor, regular tent poles up to 25mm) With the two orange sliders, you can quickly secure or unblock in just seconds.
You can use every screw-in peg of our whole Peggy Peg range to fix the plate.

Unlike normal tent pegs, Peggy Pegs promote maximum holding in vertical movement due to the thread of the pegs as well as in horizontal directions.
Used together with the Fix&Go Anchor Plate 2.0, this allows for excellent security of your awning as well as a piece of mind.
So when the afternoon breeze picks up, you can be happy that your awning legs will remain firmly on the ground!

Peg&Stop screw-in pegs work on almost every ground in combination with their locknuts.
The flat Fix&Go Plate offers a bigger area of support!
In combination with two, Peggy L screw-in pegs awning legs or tent poles won't sink on sandy ground/beaches.

  • Awning legs or tent poles are securely fixed and won't sink into the ground or lift off.
  • Retraction of your awning is possible at any time.
  • Simple secure or unblock via the orange Fix&Go sliders.
  • Excellent security of your awning as well as a piece of mind!
  • Compatible with every Peggy Peg

Product contains:

  • 1 x Fix&Go Plate
  • 1 x Storm hook

Technical Information:

Material: PA with fibreglass
Length: 15cm
Wrench size: -
Torque: -
Content: 1 Pack
Packaging: 22x20x3,6cm
Weight: 0,284kg 


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