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Peggy Hardcore Kit

Peggy aluminium pegs are the ultimate way to tie down your camping gear.

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Rocky ground is one of campings most annoying situations to be in, but Peggy Peg has come up with the ultimate peg to put an end to those annoying situations. The "Hardcore Peggy"

Even the standard and large PeggyPegs struggle on some hard ground. So Peggy Peg have developed a hammer-in, screw-out peg which we are calling "HardCore". Manufactured from aluminium It's short,150mm long, dumpy 14mm diameter and light at 45g each.

Hammer it in (they don't bend like conventional pegs) and once the threaded part is below ground and the grip is strong enough to hold, simply slide the blue clip over the head and hook on. The combination tool can be used to further tighten it and later used for removing the peg.

The Hardcore Peggy is proving very popular with trailer tent and 4WD owners.

Pack Contents: 4 Hardcore Pegs, 4 blue rope clips

Facts: Length: 150mm, Diameter: 14mm, weight 45g each and comes in a pack of 4.