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Peggy Large Aluminium Kit

Peggy Peg Screw-in pegs proven a million times, the smartest way to tie down!

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The large Aluminium screw in tent pegs is the ultimate ground anchor. At 310mm long and weighing in at 115g, they are lightweight and strong. Designed for the larger tents and awnings or use in windy conditions they are our best seller along with their fibreglass brother.

The pegs are as user friendly as the fibreglass pegs, they are bright silver and easy to see to reduce the chance of losing them. They can be screwed in quickly with a cordless drill and the combo tool. You can also use the Combo tool to screw the pegs in by hand (sold separately).

Come pack up time the pegs need to be screwed out, you will be hard pushed to pull them out. They are just a quick to remove when breaking camp as the other pegs. The Large pegs are designed for maximum grip and excel in all ground types from soft sand, to the hard compacted ground where normal metal pegs just don’t hold or bend when hammered in. The large pegs don’t need to be screwed all the way in, as with the other pegs, as long as the threaded part is well anchored in, it’s doing its job. Simply move the adjustable blue rope clip close to the ground for best results.


  • Application: Soft to dense grounds with stones.
  • Suitable to fix large crew tents and make them stormproof.
  • Hight-adjustable Hooks.
  • Weighs 1/5 compared to a common tent peg.

Product contains:

  • 2 x Screw-in pegs LA 31cm
  • 2 x L + LA Hooks

Technische Informationen:

Material: Aluminium (Screw-in pegs), PA with fibreglass (Hooks)
Length: 31cm
Wrench size: 17mm
Torque: max. 70Nm
Content: 1 Pack
Packaging: 10,3x31,7x3,9cm
Weigth: 0,355kg 


All Peggy purchases come with a 100% money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty but please always contact us in case of a problem. We are in constant development and improvement. So, if you reach out to us, we can also determine what happened and prevent it from happening again.