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Modular Wheel Storage System

$179.95 AUD

Turn your spare tyre into storage space with a Raptor Rear Wheel Storage System.

The difference between an enjoyable trip and a disastrous one is often down to the recovery gear you carry and how quickly and easily you can get to it.

The modular wheel organizer gives you the ability to store all of your 4wd recovery equipment and general items on the back of your vehicle for quick and easy access when you need it most.

Each individual storage pouch securely attaches to the rear wheel cover via MOLLE / PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System). Which consists of 20 individual rows of heavy-duty nylon webbing strips stitched onto the wheel cover to allow for the attachment of various modular-compatible pouches and accessories.

The rear wheel base and webbing pouches are made of a high tensile strength denier nylon, which is lightweight, water resistant and extremely durable.  The four storage bags are fitted to the base tyre webbing wrap that attaches firmly to your spare tyre with the use of adjustable metal cam buckles. Allowing quick attachment and removal from the rear tyre when needed.  There are also two adjustable Velcro strips fitted to the front and rear of the tyre webbing base which when opened up allow the base to conform to different diameter tyres.

Each cover has two webbing pouch groupings on either side of the rear wheel storage unit.

Comprising of one large and one medium sized pouch. Both sides are horizontally mounted for quick-access leaving extra space for accessories like our Backpack and Recovery Track Storage Bag to be mounted on the face of the tyre.

Each storage pouch also comes with its own dust and water resistant draw string covers to help keep them clean and dry while traveling in remote locations.  There are also a pair of handy straps on the top of the Rear Wheel Storage System which allows you to tie down and secure various other pieces of equipment like tents, fold able camp chairs and carry bags.

Due to its unique webbing design the rear wheel base is also not limited to the pouches supplied with the kit. You can attach any number of webbing based accessories onto the webbing attachments supplied.


  • Rear Wheel Base Cover and cam lock straps.
  • Two medium top storage pouches.
  • Two large lower storage pouches.
  • Two medium top dust and rain covers.
  • Two large lower dust and rain covers.

Optional Extras:

  • Tactical Fast Pack (Rear Wheel Attachment)
  • Recovery Track Transport Case (Rear Wheel Attachment)
  • Additional Pouches