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Bottle Jack Neck Top Plates

Included in the new Roadsafe Jack accessory program is the Bottle Neck Top Plates.

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Any warnings, precautions and instructions noted on this sheet, or any other information sheets provided with regard to the use of the Roadsafe 4WD ram extensions & associated products cannot cover all possible situations or conditions that may occur during the use of the product. The use of these items must understand that caution and common sense are important factors that we cannot build into this product, and must be supplied by the end user.

WARNING—Do not allow anyone in or near the vehicle while using a jack. This practice will make jacking highly unstable. Any sudden movements and shifts in weight will result in instability. Keep all personnel a safe distance away from the vehicle. WARNING—Do not attempt to lift any vehicle on a longitudinal or side slope. The vehicle can slide or roll causing severe injury or death. Always ensure the vehicle is on flat, even ground prior to any attempt at lifting.

WARNING—Always ensure you follow correct jacking practice and manufacturers instructions with regard to the correct use of a jack, including but not limited to, ensuring the vehicle is turned off, the transmission is engaged in the appropriate setting commonly PARK (for Auto) or Low (1st) gear (for manual) - and that the wheels are blocked diagonal to the wheel being lifted, with satisfactorily size wheel chocks. Where the ram extension is being used on bottle jacks with adjustable screw tops, is imperative that all extensions or pads must have at least 13mm of engagement down onto the bottle jack ram. Extending the screw out too far, resulting in less than 13mm contact with the ram, will cause the extension or pad to become unstable.

Extensions & Top Plates have been designed standard with 35.5mm ID to suit for a 28-35mm ram OD. Adaptors available to suit for 35.5-39.5mm, 40-44.5mm & 45-49.5mm size rams.

Bottle Jack extension included for display purposes only.

To view the entire Road Safe range of products, see the catalogue below:
Road-Safe-4wd-Catalogue.pdf (29.4 MB)