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Caster Correction Suitable for Toyota Landcruiser

As you lift up your truck, you need to increase the caster and avoid that ‘wandering’ feeling.

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If you are lifting your 4WD more than 1” then you need to seriously consider the change you are making on the caster. As you lift up your truck, you need to increase the caster and avoid that ‘wandering’ feeling.

Upon fitment you will immediately notice a change in your vehicle resulting in more precise steering and minimised risk of tyre vibration. A variety of different options are available depending upon your lift and what ‘feel’ you want in your truck. There is not much difference in the ‘feel’ with fitting either W81730 or S0499R. Both bushings offer 2deg caster correction, and are voided to enable flexing and preventing bind up. You will find W81730E will give you a firmer feel, as these urethane bushings are not voided. W81730X is designed for the big lifts and offer 3deg caster correction.

Roadsafe urethane caster correction bushings are the highly renowned WHITELINE brand. After years of extensive field testing, Roadsafe has extreme confidence in the urethanes progressive, long chain synthetic elastomer bushings that deliver the combined physical advantages of an aftermarket bushing, with the extreme flexibility characteristics of rubber, and most importantly… No Compromise on Ride Quality.

Supplied complete with outer Shell that fits firm in the Radius Arm to avoid bushing movement under harsh braking conditions resulting in caster change.

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