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Landcruiser Sway Bar Links & Extensions

$30.00 AUD

If your Sway Bar is out of alignment, handling can be affected. Realign your sway bar with Roadsafe Sway Bar Links & Extensions.

With suspension lifts installed, the front & rear sway bars are moved away from the chassis, reducing articulation.

The Roadsafe extended sway bar brackets are suited for 2-4” lifts, and allow you to effectively lower the outside sway bar link mount points, to re-introduce the appropriate amount of articulation of the sway bars. Plus… you can space down the sway bar to stop it hitting the tail shaft!

During the production cycle of the 80 series Landcruisers two different styles of bracket were used for the rear - a straight style (mounts to side of chassis), and a ‘u’ shaped style (mounts to underside of chassis) - please ensure you check the vehicle prior to ordering.

STB8828ET & STB8833ET - cut to desired length to suit for 2 to 8” Lift. STBEXT002 will not suit 100 series with rear bracket 48826-60010

To view the entire Road Safe range of products, see the catalogue below:

Road-Safe-4wd-Catalogue.pdf (29.4 MB)