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Silicone Intercooler Hose Upgrade Kit Suitable For Jeep Cherokee

For the very best looks and performance it has to be silicone Samco hoses.

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TCS-397 2001 ~ 2004 Jeep Cherokee CRD UK/European/Australian Models  (2.5 & 2.8 Ltr Diesel Turbo with 51mm Turbo)
TCS-491 2001 ~ 2004 Jeep Cherokee CRD UK/European/Australian Models  (2.5 & 2.8 Ltr Diesel Turbo with 42mm Turbo)
TCS-380 2003 ~ 2007 Jeep Cherokee Renegade KJ (Liberty CRD U.S. Models  (2.8 Ltr Diesel Turbo Engines)
TCS-633 2008 ~ 2012 Jeep Cherokee KK 2.8ltr CRD Turbo Diesel

Silicone hoses operate at much higher temperatures and pressures than other rubbers, they don’t perish, and they look great. If you are tuning your engine and pushing it to its limit, you don’t want your hoses to let you down.
SamcoSport hose kits are specifically designed to directly replace your Original Equipment hoses.
These premium quality, hand crafted, high performance silicone hoses work to greater levels of temperature & pressure - which is essential when you’re upgrading your engine’s performance.

Why Choose Samco Sport Silicone Hoses ?
1. Longer Life Than OEM Rubber Hoses
2. Extreme Durability
3. Proven To Lower Temperatures
4. Extremely High Burst Pressures
5. Hoses with 3 or 4 Way Connections are moulded into 1 with Samco Sport's unique tooling capabilities, this improves coolant flow and reduce risk of component failure.
6. Ltd Lifetime Guarantee

Hose Max Temperature: 180°C ( 356°F )
(SamcoSport do not recommend any silicone hose to be used for permanent exposure to Fuel e.g. fuel lines.)

TCS-380 - Jeep Cherokee KJ (Liberty CRD U.S. Models) (2.8 Ltr Diesel Turbo Engines) Hoses 2003 - 2007
This kit replaces OE Jeep part numbers 55037729AC & 55037730AC.
Standard Polyester Silicone

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