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Sandgrabba 3D Floor Mats Suitable for Great Wall Cannon X 2019 - On

Designed for Great Wall Cannon X 2019 - On, SANDGRABBA floor mats shield your 4x4's interior with precision-molded, Aussie-made durability. Unleash off-road adventures worry-free!

$190.91 AUD
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When it comes to conquering the rugged terrain in your Great Wall Cannon X 2019 - On, you need more than just horsepower. The SANDGRABBA floor mat system is your go-to companion for off-road adventures, meticulously designed to tackle the toughest challenges Australian 4WD enthusiasts face.

Crafted from a robust Poly/Rubber TPE compound, these floor mats are not your average run-of-the-mill accessories. They are 3D-scanned to fit the unique contours of your 4x4 like a glove, ensuring maximum coverage and protection against the elements. No more fretting about mud, sand, or dirt wreaking havoc on your pristine carpet – the unique ridge design of SANDGRABBA mats intercepts and contains the mess, leaving your vehicle's interior unscathed.

Let's talk features:

  • Unique Ridge Design: Engineered to capture every bit of grime, these mats are your first line of defence against the harsh Australian off-road conditions.
  • Quick-Release Side Sill Fastening: Easy removal means hassle-free cleaning. Unleash the captured debris with efficiency, so you spend less time maintaining and more time conquering terrains.
  • Durable & Flexible PVC/Rubber TPE Construction: Tough enough to withstand the punishment of the outback, yet flexible to adapt to the ever-changing contours of your 4x4.
  • Non-Skid Foam Backing: Gentle on your carpet and vinyl, the non-skid foam backing ensures that the mats stay in place, no matter how wild the ride gets.
  • Colour Options: Available in Black, Grey, or Beige – match your mats to your style while enjoying superior protection.
  • Original Manufacturer's Interior Colors: We've got your interior aesthetics covered, ensuring a seamless blend with your vehicle's original design.
  • No Holes Required: No need to compromise your vehicle's integrity. Say goodbye to drilling holes that invite more sand into your 4x4. SANDGRABBA mats keep the mess at bay without altering your vehicle's flooring.
  • Proudly Australian Made and Owned: Built with the spirit of the Australian outback, these mats are a testament to our commitment to quality and durability.

With a 10-year warranty – one of the best in the industry – SANDGRABBA floor mats are more than an accessory; they're a vital part of your 4WD arsenal, ensuring your Great Wall Cannon X is ready for whatever the Australian wilderness throws its way.

  2. This item is made to order and takes approximately 6-8 weeks to manufacture before shipping.
  3. Actual item may vary from images to suit individual vehicle shapes and are a guide only.

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Additionally, please be aware that the installation of aftermarket modifications to your vehicle may affect its compliance with local road use regulations. We advise you to consult with your local authorities and verify the necessary certification or compliance requirements to remain legal for on-road use of your vehicle.

Product Specifications

Shipping Dimensions (LWH) 645mm x 185mm x 825mm
Shipping Weight 2500 grams

Product Availability

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