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BT50 Extreme Series Bullbar X-1

$1,635.45 AUD

The new extreme series x-1 is the ultimate bullbar.

The New Extreme Series X-1 Bullbar is the ultimate bullbar providing unmatched Style, Strength & Protection.

( PRESALE arriving Late Jan 2018 - Dispatch first week of Feb)


Complete With Bash Plate & LED Fog Lights

Product Features

Loop does not protrude past the front of the bar.

INCLUDES WINCH CRADLE - Can suit upto 12,000lb Low mount Winch.

  • Made from 6mm steel main winch cradle & 3mm side wings reinforced
  • ADR69 compliant and airbag compatible
  • Suits most low mount winches
  • Rated tow hooks (3500-4000 kg each Tested)
  • Powder coated in texture black or can be colour matched(Additional Cost)
  • bash plate back to transmission
  • Fits factory fog lights if you wish to reuse your fog lights instead of the LED ones provided


You can adjust the bar to sit further from your fenders/body if you wish, you can simply use rubber pinch weld in between the bar and the fenders.

You can use the included LED fog lights or replace with your factory fog lights.

Its a complete bumper replacement making install time frame 2.5Hr

Install Difficulty = EASY DIY