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Icon LED Driving Lights 8.5 Inch

Our dream has always been to design a driving light where engineering and technology converge perfectly with night driving enthusiasts.

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With endless options of LED Driving Lights available today, the Icon is something completely different. The design theory behind the Icon spawned from a much different conversation, one not of cost or weight reduction, rather one of performance and stout.

712 days since inception. 179 days of theoretical testing. 122 days of physical testing. 5 major iterations. The Icon was ready.


The Icon represents what a driving light should be in more ways than one. The intense spot beam that the Icons project is what everyone’s been waiting for since LED technology found its way into driving lights; distance down the road.

The Icons comprise of 34 x ultra-high-output emitters, 6 x Oslon® emitters and 28 x CREE® emitters. Both emitters complement each other perfectly, boasting weapon-like output and beam length. Each emitter has been specifically tuned to the reflector, unlike any other LED Driving Light on offer.

The hybrid of Oslon® and CREE® ultra-high intensity emitters and sophisticated reflector design redefine the LED Driving Light space, projecting a clear and even beam of light over 1300m ahead. For the first time, you can now experience what a true LED Driving Light should be.


The Icon crushes the theory that LED Driving Lights are not suggested for long-distance projection.

To harness the full potential of each LED emitter we engaged highly sophisticated design software and light simulation methods to design our reflector housing. The results are proven, enormous long-range projection with total consistency and clarity. The reflector housing utilises an ultra-reflective vacuum-metallised coating to further enhance the already astonishing performance.

The 3.6-degree parabolic spot beam significantly reduces unwanted light bleed and reflection, maximising each emitters output. The tight and focused beam offers greater confidence in poor conditions as it minimises unwanted feedback from reflective airborne particles.


We haven’t met one person that treats their driving lights with respect. We’re talking about a product that sits on the front of the vehicle, literally copping everything that gets thrown at it. We had to ensure that the Icons would last, year after year.

The Icons have over 700 grams more aluminium in the cast housing to allow for faster and more effective thermal stabilisation. More response in thermal stabilisation means the Icons can run more effectively in demanding situations.

We sourced and developed the very best materials right down to the rubbers and sealants used. An oversized cast housing keeps the units cool whilst the class-leading 5mm bracket keeps the unit stable. Every aspect of the Icon has been thoroughly thought-out.

Tough Lens

Our lenses are hardened and have the same DNA as ballistic material. The nature of the lens is to be shatterproof, featuring enormous deflection properties. We’ve tested the breaking point of our lens material by shooting a small projectile at 830ft/sec straight into the lamp without lens failure. The Icon’s lens is also resistant to scratching and UV damage. Each lens has a unique UV coating applied to ensure they stay crystal clear, year after year.

All-new Black Out ICON covers will be available in mid-September

Clear covers can ruin the transmission of light by over 30%. Today, almost all light lenses are of a plastic derivative that won’t shatter like older auxiliary lamps fitted with glass lenses. Lens covers tend to allow dust and dirt build-up between the lamp and the cover which is generally overlooked when cleaning.

5500 Kelvin

Colour temperature is crucial. In auxiliary lighting applications, the incorrect Kelvin lighting will ruin the entire experience for the driver. Very rarely will manufacturers take the emitter’s Kelvin into consideration. Why? Because it’s cheaper and easier to mass-produce 6500-Kelvin+ emitters.

It’s documented and scientifically proven that artificial light is best found at 5500 Kelvin, due to the immense similarity of that and the colour temperature of the sun. The 5500 Kelvin emitters will offer a natural and safer driving experience at night, no matter the conditions.

  • Less feedback from fog, dust and rain
  • Easily see wildlife, hazards and obstacles
  • 5500K will bring your night driving to life again
  • Drive for longer with less eye strain
  • Immense light quality improvement

Ready To Run

We’ve taken to the time so you don’t have to. The Icons arrive fully assembled and ready to bolt onto your vehicle, no need to muck around trying to assemble them. Also included is our Quik-Fit plug and play wiring harness, allowing super easy installation without any cutting or soldering!

Our Quik-Fit wiring harness is a complete ‘plug and play’ solution. Automatically adapting to positive and negative switched vehicles and also CANbus safe. Included are H4 and HB3 adaptors for the high beam feed from your OE headlight connector.


  • Sold In Pairs – The Icons are sold as pairs and arrive at your home in one box, ready to run.
  • Fully Assembled – The Icons arrive fully assembled and ready to run. All you need to do is mount them and plug them in!
  • Less Unwanted Reflection – The Icons have a far superior beam pattern to most other driving light offerings. Less stray light is emitted from the lamp, significantly reducing unwanted reflective feedback to the driver.
  • 5mm Bracket – Class-leading 5mm Stainless Steel bracket will stand up to huge punishment!
  • Dust & Waterproof – IP69K. The Icon’s obtain the highest ingress certification available. 100% water and dust tight.
  • Interference Free – CISPR 25 Class 3 Certified. The Icon’s won’t interfere with electronics such as your UHF/CB Radio or cellular devices.
  • 5500 Kelvin – Less eye fatigue. The Icon’s allow you to see obstacles and hazards with total clarity.
  • 5 Year Warranty – An Australian company with an Australian no-nonsense 5-year replacement warranty.


  • Voltage – 9-36V DC
  • Mounting – 5mm Brushed Stainless Steel Brackets – No Welds
  • Warranty – 5 Year Australian Replacement Warranty
  • Power – 120w / 8.6A @ 12V DC
  • Vibration – Vibration dampened and shockproof to 28G
  • Diodes – Combination of ultra high output Oslon® and CREE® didoes
  • Lumens – 14,616 Effective Lumens per unit
  • Light Beam – 3.7-degree hyper spot beam
  • Ingress – IP69K – Water Proof up to 3 meters
  • Connections – Waterproof Deutsch® DT-P connector
  • Wiring – Complete Plug ‘n’ Play Quik-Fit Harness with H4 & HB3 connectors
  • Housing – Ultra high-pressure cast aluminium
  • Weight – 3.25 Kilograms Each
  • Interference – CISPR 25 Class 3

What's Included

  • Pair of Teralume Industries™ Icon LED Driving Lights
  • Quik-Fit  Plug n Play Wiring Harness
  • Wiring Harness. Complete with H4 & HB3 Connectors to High Beam
  • Bolts, washers and nuts for the bracket base
  • Wiring and Fitting Instructions
  • Teralume Industries™ Sticker


We’ve designed a dedicated support portal to assist you in all your lighting ventures. We’re continuously adding new instructions, tips and guides to help you get the job done.

Fitting Instructions – Click Here

Step-by-step instructions on how to install and wire your Icon LED Driving Lights, including diagrams and a video walkthrough.

Design Registration: 201917015