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The FishGrip Small (JR)

$24.95 AUD

The Fish Grip Small (JR) suitable for smaller fish.

Get your best grip!

The fish grip offers many benefits those others don’t. Designed and manufactured in Jackson Mississippi, The Fish grip is making its way to fishing communities throughout the world.

The saying, “necessity is the mother of invention” rings true as the biggest difference is these grips float!!

Constructed from moulded plastic and stainless steel making them corrosion free and extremely durable, available in six hi viz colours including white which glow in the dark. Working on an over-centre locking action much like “vice grips”, when the handles are gripped together they clamp shut and when separated they release which can be operated one handed. The Fish Grip is designed to lock over the lower jaw of the fish, unique gripping fingers have a large surface area preventing digging in and piercing the flesh.

Whether down south chasing natives or fighting the barra and pelagic species up North the Fish Grip “Gamefish” model will aid in landing your fish safely.

The Fish Grip also comes in a smaller “JR” version suited to smaller mouthed fish like Golden Perch, Bass, and Trout. Smaller in size, weight and profile but the same gripping capabilities and range of colours. Perfect for the Yak fisherman, or when walking the banks, clamping a pair to your shirt or pants is barely noticeable weighing only 60gms.

The Fish Grip does not harm the fish, and its a well constructed inexpensive product.