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Tough Winch Rope Retainer Loop

$9.95 AUD

This simple but effective winch rope retaining loop prevents your winch rope from coming off the drum.

The Tough Winch Rope Retainer Loop is a simple device which makes the use of a winch much safer. As the winch rope is un-spooled off the drum it is possible for the winch rope to be torn free.  In most cases, a winch rope is generally held with a small bolt or grub screw. 

The winch rope retainer prevents the winch rope from unspooling past 3 rounds of rope at the end of the drum.  It does this by causing the rope to pull friction around the drum.

After testing and using the winchrope retainer we strongly recommend it for use with both synthetic winch rope and steel winch cable. Instead of attaching your winchrope directly to the drum, install the winchrope retainer on the first layer close to the winchrope terminal end.

Product Specifications:
HD nylon webbing
Suitable for 4x4 and UTV/ATV
Suitable for winchrope or steel cable

Please view additional product photos for installation information.