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The Tough Toys team are travelling to Cape York from 19th May to 15th June. Some orders may experience delays during this time & we appreciate your patience.

Triton Tough Flares

$360.00 AUD

Get street legal with these wheel arch flares.

Quality 4 piece 4.75 inch wide flares set for Mitsubishi Triton.

Suits all Mitsubishi Triton ML/MN . Perfect for those who want to install wider 4x4 off road wheels. Stay legal and look much more aggressive than normal flares.

Made from flexible poly resin fibreglass and black semi shine raw gel-coat finished, black with stain rubber look textures are also part of the flares when we made these flares, which means the textures can not be scrape off like the others seen on the market which use spray textures on the surface after the flares are made.

Easy to install - comes with self tapping screws and rubber flares trim.

These flares are hand made in Australia to order. They may need some trimming when installing.