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TRAILMIG Series I Portable 24v Mig Welder

Engineered for 4WD off-road repairs, TRAILMIG, a portable 24V mig welder, guarantees welding adaptability with a rugged case and versatile power cables.

$627.27 AUD
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Introducing TRAILMIG, the portable mig welder designed for the adventurous 4WD enthusiasts who love to explore the vast outback. With practical features tailored for welding challenges in remote terrains, TRAILMIG is the perfect companion for all your off-road repairs and welding needs. 

On-the-Go Welding: 
With a 2.8-meter mig torch featuring a steel liner and a matching 2.8-meter ground clamp, the TRAILMIG brings welding power to your fingertips, no matter where your journey takes you. The compact yet sturdy storage case not only shields your welding gear from the elements but also accommodates additional tools needed to get the job done efficiently. 

Battery-Powered Convenience: 
TRAILMIG draws power directly from your car battery. Equipped with a 2.8-meter mig torch with a steel liner and a 2.8-meter ground clamp, the TRAILMIG ensures you can weld wherever you need to.

Storing the Cables: 
While the cables are delivered in the case for ease of delivery, we recommend stashing them separately in the provided bag to ease accessibility. 

Current Specifications: 
With the ability to draw 110-130 amps with 0.8mm flux-core and 130-150 amps with 0.9mm flux core, the TRAILMIG adapts to your welding needs. Even without a 0.9mm roller (not included), the 0.8mm will feed the wire just fine. Tweak the tension and swap the tips as needed. 

Welding Gas Compatibility: 
TRAILMIG is purpose-built for outdoor use with flux-core wire only. No need to fuss with welding gas. 

Lithium Battery Compatibility: 
While we're yet to formally test with lithium batteries, logic dictates that as long as the batteries are rated for the required current, TRAILMIG should perform perfectly. 

Dependable Duty Cycle: 
With an effective 100% duty cycle or until your batteries call it quits, TRAILMIG keeps you welding confidently. For optimal performance, we recommend a 1-minute rest for every 3 minutes of welding, dependent on your battery condition. 

All TRAILMIGs come with a robust 12-month warranty, covering both parts and workmanship. Rest easy, knowing your investment is backed by our commitment to quality. 

Don't let a broken suspension component or torn bracket ruin your trip. Order your TRAILMIG today and be prepared for wherever adventure takes you!

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Product Specifications

Shipping Dimensions (LWH) 570mm x 420mm x 280mm
Shipping Weight 1200 grams

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