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Sterling Silver Drive Shaft Pendant

$59.00 AUD

Silver Plated Pendant styled after the driveshaft of your 4wd!

One very cool piece of jewellery to hang around your neck. The uni’s even move on the tail shaft! This piece will make people look twice and your friends asking where you got this from! Solid sterling silver. Please enquire if you would like a neoprene necklace for your tail shaft as they are only $14 extra! The neoprene's come in 2 different lengths, 45cm and 50cm, finished with sterling silver fittings.
Being well established and award winning Jewellers ( with a rewarding career in itself has been a joyful ride. However when you add not just a hobby but a lifestyle of loving the outdoors, 4WDing, exploring and camping, 4WD Jewellery was always on the cards.

With a lifestyle like that you meet some wonderful likeminded folk with the same passions on more than one occasion we have been asked to make some customized 4WD related jewellery. Which Treadz4WD Jewellery still specialises in. However now we have the birth of an affordable range and very realistic and cool pieces for men or women to obtain!

All Treadz 4wd Jewellery is made in Australia.