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Tred HD

TRED HD is made from a high-quality custom blend engineered Nylon enabling high levels of flex while delivering superior strength and durability.

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TRED HD is made from a high-quality custom blend engineered Nylon enabling high levels of flex while delivering superior strength and durability. The mix of elasticity and tough rigid design in the main body means that the TRED HD will maintain a high level of pressure on your tyre to provide ultimate traction whilst still being able to take the flex from the vehicle’s weight on unstable and uneven ground. TRED HD special all season formulation will help you all year round in ambient temperatures from -15ºC (5ºF) to 70°C (158ºF).


Lower Profile - Better Stacking TRED HD’s have been designed with a lower profile and tighter nesting to save valuable storage space. This also allows for shorter mounting bracket pins due to reduced stack height, meaning less equipment protruding from your vehicle.

Lifetime Warranty - The world's first non-mechanical solo off road vehicle recovery device with a Lifetime Warranty!

Australian Made - Proudly Australian made, owned and operated by 4WD enthusiasts.

Progressive Variable Tooth Design - Improved tooth distribution and design based on research of hundreds of tyre manufacturer's tread patterns for maximum traction to create an effortless escape.

Dedicated Entry & Exit Points - With a directional recover board we are able to design the nodules profile to better grip the tyres profile and allows it to conform to the terrain. 

Sipe Lock - Unique patented grip profile specifically engineered to engage the water evacuation channels on the outer edges on tyres known as sips.

Concave Ramp - Specifically designed concave ramp to provide better surface contact to the vehicles tyres for optimum initial traction and recovery ease.

Convex Profile - The Convex board design conforms to the direction of the terrain as you roll out of the hole your tyres and vehicle are in.

Tred-Link - Nest your Tred HD recovery boards, from entry ramp to shovel end give a potentially limitless recovery surface without the need for additional joiners,

Mounting Options - Because w all like to be different, the Tred HD has multiple mounting locations to optimise the way you store and mount your recovery devise for easy access. 

Superior Strength - Vehicle up to 4.5Tonne (9,900lbs)

Greater contact - 220mm traction width.

All Terrain - Sand, Mud or Snow. 

Ultimate Flex - For maximum performance. 


Single Unit Dimensions
Length - 1090 mm (42.91 inches)
Width - 314 mm (12.36 inches)
Height - 62 mm (2.44 inches).

Nested/stacked height (one set/pair) - 84 mm (3.31 inches).

Weight - TRED HD (pair) weighs 6.9kgs (15.21 pounds)

We strongly recommend having vehicle accessories products installed by a professional workshop for the best results and to ensure proper operation.

Additionally, please be aware that the installation of aftermarket modifications to your vehicle may affect its compliance with local road use regulations. We advise you to consult with your local authorities and verify the necessary certification or compliance requirements to remain legal for on-road use of your vehicle.