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Workstyle Canopy Suitable For Ford Ranger PJ/PK 2008-2011

Ford Ranger PJ/PK Workstyle

$2,590.91 AUD
Afterpay is available on orders $1.00 to $2,000.00
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Canopies for dual cab utilities ideal for the tradesmen or site vehicles. Featuring higher clearances for better access, these canopies are robust, stylish and practical. These canopies come with many standard inclusions other retailers charge extra for.

  • Quality DU PONT Automative paints used.
  • 2 SIDE LIFT UP WINDOWS as standard – in either SOLID or as an optional extra 'Glass'.
  • Tinted Rear Windows
  • Higher Clearances 'styled to your vehicle'.
  • Wider side & rear door openings – better access, ideal if integrated with our shelving systems. Electrical contractors love it.
  • Single door handle, easy of use if you don't have both hands free.
  • Robust construction, reinforced rear lift up window.
  • Integrated Rear brake light.

Ford Ranger PJ/PK Workstyle Canopy 2008-2011 Brochure.pdf (1.4 MB)