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Quattro Alloy 2500 Rectangle H.I.D Driving Light

$376.00 AUD

The Quattro Alloy 2500 H.I.D Xenon driving lights give exceptional light for their size.

The Quattro Alloy Rectangle lights are especially useful where space is an issue. The brilliant mounting system makes these lamps extremely low profile enabling them to be fitted on those very hard to fit bull bars.
There die-cast alloy body and polycarbonate lens cover makes them extremely durable and perfect for use in harsh environments.
The Quattro Alloy 2500 is available in 35W, 55W & 70W H.I.D Xenon options.
They come with the ballast mounted internally and plug and play waterproof connections.  

All Quattro Alloy H.I.D Xenon lamps come with 1 complete wiring harness for every pair of lamps

All 70W Quattro Alloys come with chrome rims standard.