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Remote Control HID Search Light

$757.00 AUD

The Remote Control HID SEARCH LIGHT features a rugged plastic housing and a water resistant, dust proof polycarbonate lens cover.

This H.I.D Search Light can be powered by 9V-32V, which can be connected via a cigarette lighter plug or hard wired to the vehicle. It can be operated by a cable connected control unit or by a remote control pad, which operates from up to 65m away.

This high powered search light supplies an exceptional quality of illumination to the area required, using the latest technology in H.I.D Xenon Gas Discharge lighting and remote control technology. An H.I.D (High Intensity Discharge) bulb not only is 3 x brighter than a halogen bulb, but also lasts 10 x longer.

The unit has a 440 degree Rotation which means, it rotates 80 degrees past its original starting point and 120 degree elevation up & down.


  • Search & Rescue Operations
  • Farm & Field Protection
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Recreational Activities
  • Hunting & Spotlighting
  • Boating & Marine
  • Construction/Night Work
  • Security