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Roof Rack Unlimited Suitable For Jeep JK Wrangler

Finally a light weight yet strong roof rack for a JK wrangler that works with your hard top and soft top.

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No drilling installation completely bolt on.

Made from steel and aluminum it is a well balanced yet strong rack that is designed to be easily flipped back to allow you to take your soft top up or down (no tools required.)

In standard form this rack allows your freedom panels to be removed on your hard top while still enjoying that open air feel.  Options include a bolt in sun roof  panel for a full length rack, rear ladder, LED light bar mounts and more.

After looking at all the other roof racks on the market, we took the best features of some and improved on the worst features to offer the best rack on the market that allows you to run soft top and hard top.

Flipping the roof rack back only takes 2 minutes and is done with absolutely no tools.

This roof rack ticks all the boxes, features include:

  • Vehicle Height increase of 190mm from the Hard Top
  • Front light bar hoop mounts to A Pillars and is made from steel and powder coated texture black (can be sold separately.) This roof rack  mounts extends much further up the A pillar than others to prevent excessive flexing when loaded up. 
  • Made from thick 3.2mm steel the front hoop is twice as thick and strong as competitors
  • Front hoop can mount LED light bars underneath, or 4 spot lights above, optional brackets supplied for a 50" LED light bar under the top hoop and above the windscreen
  • Rear hoop made from steel and supported by roof rack pivot points which house heavy duty 4wd Leaf spring bushes. These bushes soak up all the vibration and movement experience by the rack during heavy off road use or corrugated roads. Designed to move with the vehicle to prevent cracks in the rack.
  • Top roof rack made from 6061 aluminum tube 32mm x 3mm thick
  • Roof rack area lined with expanded aluminum mesh which allows even small items to be stored up top.
  • Proudly made in Australia
  • Steel components are Powder coated in texture black for long lasting corrosion resistance
  • Aluminum components are chromated then Powder coated in texture black for unmatched powder coat adhesion
  • Light weight system, with entire kit weighing in at 34kg, with top rack only weighing 13kg (excluding options)
  • Fits with all Wrangler soft tops and hard tops 
  • Folds back in under 2 minutes with no tools
  • No drilling installation completely bolt on
  • Optional bolt on ladder mount
  • Optional LED light bar mounts
  • Optional bolt on shovel and axe mounts (quick fists)
  • Optional bolt on hi lift jack mount (quick fists)
  • Optional full length capabilities (sun roof panel)
  • Rated to 125kg dynamic loading
  • Rated to 250kg static loading
  • Can mount to existing steel rear bumpers, or with added  chassis brackets to other aftermarket bumpers and factory plastic bumper ( see options above.) confirmed with the following rear bumpers, Uneek 4x4, Mopar, ARB (old style no tyre swing out) and Kaymar
  • Rack works with Safari and AEV snorkels
  • Optional cross tubes to available for roof top tents 
  • Optional wind deflector available 
  • Optional Tyre mount available

Here are 5 reasons Uneek 4x4's roof rack is the best JK Wrangler roof rack in the world

1. Uneek rack is made from thicker steel where it counts our front and rear hoops (3.2mm vs 1.6mm,) and aluminium up top so it's actually lighter and stronger than the rest.

2. Uneek rack is welded at base of A pillar and up top of A pillar where areas not having these extra welds can cause the rack to hit the windscreen when fully loaded on rough roads. When doing research for Uneek rack we saw 11 of 13 vehicles with damaged windscreens  This doesn't happen with Uneek rack

3. Uneek rack does not use pads against the body as at Uneek it's understood the front is body mounted and the rear is chassis mounted, if you restrict movement something will eventually give (usually dints in the body over time) Uneek uses 4wd suspension bushes to soak up these movements.

4. Uneek rack can be used with hard top, no top or soft top, while many others need to push against the hard top with their little pads or require drilling through the hard top

5. Uneek rack requires no tools to tilt it back. most others require spanners. While Uneek is not the cheapest rack you get what you pay for in features and function. 

This rack is a step above the rest with a combination of steel and aluminium.  All mounting points are tough steel where it counts yet, the aluminium basket and runners enable a very manageable roof rack.

Install time 1-3 hours

Install difficulty 4/10