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Jack Recovery

Using a jack to recover a vehicle is done when a wheel is able to removed from a rut if the car is stuck on its underbody.  Often the vehicle will be jacked up and lifted out of the holes it is in.  Once lifted, the holes under the wheels can be filled with dirt / sand / logs etc in order to enable the car to drive out of the bog.

Jacks can also be used to break suction in mud if a snatch strap is not working.  Jacks can be used to lift the entire end of a vehicle and then pushed sideways in order to move a vehicle out of a rut or soft section.  Safety precautions must be taken to avoid the jack from springing out from under the vehicle and hurting someone.

The jack can be placed under under the middle of the front or rear of the vehicle then the lifted end is pushed until it topples off the jack.  This can be repeated at both ends to walk the car sideways.  Be aware that cars are very unstable with 2 wheels off the ground.  Onlookers should be well clear of the car before this procedure is attempted.


High Lift Jack

High Lift Jacks or Farm Jacks can be used with 4wd vehicles to lift it well above the height of a standard vehicle jack or scissor jack. Most factory supplied jacks can only lift the car enough to be able to change a tyre on a hard surface. They rely on placing the jack in special positions in order to lift the car.

High lift jacks can be used in most suitable places on the vehicle and can lift a lot higher than a standard jack. Some cars don’t have the ability to use a high lift jack due to their curved bodies and lack of recovery points. There are adaptors available to utilise the bullbar or rims to jack from.

It is recommended to carry a jacking place in order to prevent the jack from burying itself on soft surfaces. Pieces of plywood or steel can be used as suitable jacking plates also.

Exhaust Bag Jack

The exhaust powered bag type of jack is very simple and easy to use, provided it can be placed under part of the vehicle. It is quite effective, especially in sand where, if necessary, a small area can be dug away to accommodate it. It requires the vehicles exhaust system to be in good condition as even a small hole will prevent the bog from inflating. It can also cause rusted or weak areas in exhaust systems to blow out.

Once in position, connect the pipe to the vehicle exhaust and start the engine (in neutral). When the wheel is clear stop the engine and simply fill in the hole or rut with whatever is available or dig away any sand that has built up.

Tough Exhaust Jack

The Exhaust Air Jack is designed to lift a vehicle by its own exhaust gas. Perfect for using as a recovery aid, or doing roadside repairs.

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