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Isuzu are best known among off roaders for their Trooper 4wd, but if you prefer the load space of a Ute their D-Max is also a great choice. It comes with a range of 2-door or 4-door cabs and whether you need a workhorse for your business or a tough and highly mobile option for 4wd touring you won't go far wrong with this one.

Of course once you have a vehicle it's natural to want to make a few changes to it. Maybe that's to increase its cross country capabilities, make it easier to transport large loads or just to express your individuality a bit. That's where a few good accessories come in; by adding some proper gear, or replacing factory parts that aren't quite what you want them to be, you can do a lot to turn your D-Max into exactly the Ute you want. At Tough Toys we've personalised quite a few 4wd vehicles – it's our hobby – so we know just what parts you're looking for. Now we've made a great range of them available at amazing prices, and we can deliver them anywhere in Australia. Whether you're looking for camping gear or bed protectors, we have it.

If you spend a lot of time off road you'll have seen plenty of rocks and stumps. Maybe you know somebody who's smashed his sump on one. Maybe it's even happened to you. Make sure it doesn't with a Brown Davis Underguard. This 3mm steel armour bolts to the underside of your vehicle and protects your running gear with an impenetrable shield.

Extra lighting is really handy for both off road driving and working outdoors. Headlights tend to get muddy or reflect off flying dust, but a lightbar on the roof will be above all that and keep lighting your way reliably. If you need to work in and around the bed of your Ute a couple of spotlights shining down into it will be a big help. We have a range of LED lightbars and spots to suit any requirements.

If you want some extra range between fuel stops why not fit a long range tank from Brown Davis or Longrange Automotive? These sturdy tanks hold up to 128 litres and are easily installed in place of your original tank. They use the same fittings but exploit void space in the bodywork to pack in far more fuel. They're a far better option than cluttering your load space with jerrycans.

We can also help you out with awnings, mozzie nets, water storage systems, Safari snorkels and a full range of heavy duty recovery gear. Whatever you need to get your D-Max just the way you want, you'll find it at Tough Toys.

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