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4x4 Accessories Suitable For Lexus LX470

Any off roader knows the Toyota Land Cruiser, one of the toughest and most successful 4wd vehicles out there. It’s built up an awesome reputation for reliability and cross-country performance and the newer versions are pretty comfortable too. If you like your luxuries, though, there’s an even more comfortable alternative. Toyota’s luxury brand, Lexus, also builds 4wds and the LX470 model is basically a Land Cruiser with all the shiny bits you could want. It comes with a compact stubbie cooler, 19-speaker stereo and DVD player with back seat screens – but it also has a 4.7 litre V8 and the famous Land Cruiser running gear. This car won’t just take you in style; it’ll take you just about anywhere.

Don’t throw your swag in the back and head for the bush just yet, though. Most LX470 owners never take them anywhere rougher than a car park, and Lexus aim the standard accessories at that market. Take a look at the toolkit. That jack’s fine for changing a wheel beside the road, but how’s it going to do when you’re trying to lift the front end out of the mud? Right; not too well. Hang on to it, but add a heavier duty one as well. A Mean Mother high lifter is an excellent option when you need a bit more height, or go for an exhaust jack – that’s unbeatable on soft ground, and it doesn’t need as much muscle power either. That frees you up for the fun stuff like digging while the engine does the lifting for you. Throw in a couple of snatch straps and a pair of sand tracks and you’ll be ready to get out of pretty much anything.

The LX470’s interior is big and luxurious, but it’s not big enough to sleep in. That’s easily solved  though. Add a set of roof bars and bolt on one of our Tough awnings, and you’ll have all the space you need. Throw in a tent kit for it and you can camp in the style the Lexus has got you used to. There’s plenty of space for other campsite luxuries too – like one of our Bushpower fridge/freezers. The 470’s cooler is fine for a couple of cold drinks, but for a proper camp meal you’ll need more space.

The LX470 is aimed solidly at the luxury end of the market but it’s also a really capable off road tourer, and it would be a pity to waste that potential. Get the right gear on board and you can see Australia on a first class ticket.

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