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Subaru Outback

To tackle Australia’s roughest terrain you need a pretty heavy duty vehicle, but what if you don’t have the space to keep a dedicated off-road tourer? Does that mean you’re stuck firmly on the beaten track? No, not if you don’t want to be. Some parts of Australia need military grade transport to get across, but you can cover most of it in a Subaru Outback.

The Outback is basically the wagon version of Subaru’s popular Legacy, beefed up with raised suspension and a more manly-looking body kit. It doesn’t have the specialised transmission and chassis of something like a Defender or a G-Wagon, but what it does have is the same comfort and practicality you’ll find in any decent car. It’s perfect for normal use during the week, then exploring some trails at the weekend. You probably don’t want to try crossing the big red middle in it, but for 70% of the places you might feel like going it’s easily rugged enough. The really good news is you can easily stretch that to 90% by adding a few carefully chosen accessories.

The Outback’s all when drive and powerful engines give it good mobility on rough ground, but like any other vehicle it can get stuck sometimes. If that happens you probably won’t be getting it out with the standard Subaru toolkit. Fit yourself out with an exhaust jack – great for hauling yourself out of soft ground – and a set of decent sand tracks, plus a couple of snatch straps and a shovel. That should see you out of anything you run into.

You can stay mobile with the right recovery gear, but what about when you stop? If you’re going off road you’ll want roof bars anyway, so your camping gear doesn’t fill the whole interior. Another great advantage of roof bars is you can fit one of our Tough awnings to them. Tough awnings are some of the largest, and toughest, on the market; they’re coated for ultimate UV protection and come with integrated LED lighting. You can also add mozzie nets or a tent kit to give yourself a fully enclosed shelter for the night – much more comfortable than sleeping in a swag beside your wheels.

Tough Toys also has a full range of smaller items to make touring easier, safer and more comfortable. From first aid kits and water filtration systems, to organisers and deep-pan floormats to keep your Subaru clean and tidy, we have the lot. We can deliver it anywhere in Australia, too. If you want to get off the roads and start really enjoying Australia, Tough Toys are here to help.

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