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If the mere thought of a Volvo bores you, think again. As well as some seriously sporty models the Swedish manufacturer also makes some big wagons that are ideal for touring. Volvos are famously rugged – they're built for life in Sweden, which can be a pretty harsh place once you're outside the cities – and they'll stand up well to long trips across the Outback too. As long as you have the right gear on board a Volvo will handle most of the ground you're likely to want to cross, and let you enjoy the Australian landscape in comfort. At Tough Toys we supply the best accessories we can find to 4wd enthusiasts all over Australia, so we have the stuff you need to get your Volvo ready for some adventures.

A Volvo XC model has plenty space in the back, so you'll be able to carry all the kit you need to camp in comfort. Tents are bulky though, so if you can stash them somewhere else you can fit even more luxuries in the back. That's why you need one of our Tough awnings. Easy to mount on your roofbars, these set up in minutes to give you a big patch of shade right beside your vehicle. It can get pretty hot in Australia, so we've added a reflective coating to bounce the sunlight off and help you stay cool. Now that you've swapped your tent for an awning you can keep your drinks cool too, because you'll have space for a Bushpower compact fridge. These come in three sizes – 30, 45 or 60 litres – and run off your car's 12V supply as well as mains power. Water's another bulky item you need for camping, so reduce your load by carrying a LifeSaver jerrycan. Fill this up from any water source and it'll filter it so thoroughly even viruses get strained out.

As well as big items like awnings and water systems we also have a load of small stuff that makes camping easier, more comfortable and more fun. Protective cases for your phone or tablet, can and stubby coolers, first aid kits and plenty more – Tough Toys will get it to you, at a great price. Check out our range today and get your Volvo ready for anything.

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