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Eliminate close calls with the MAXTRAX Recovery System

Eliminate close calls with the MAXTRAX Recovery System

In 4x4 recoveries, safety should be the number one priority.  We're eliminating metal recovery equipment from ruining your off-road adventures.

The MAXTRAX Recovery System consists almost entirely soft components, and any metal components are machined aluminium to reduce weight.

How to setup a MAXTRAX recovery

The CORE SHACKLE is crucial in every recovery, it connects various ropes and also provides a great way to fasten them securely to your rated recovery points.

STATIC ROPES serve as extensions to your recovery, they can also be used as a bridle strap or tree trunk protector.

KINETIC ROPES are the equivalent to what was previously known as a snatch strap.  Used as a smooth recovery to extract a vehicle from mud or sand.

The ROPE DAMPENER is designed to be tethered to the loops of MAXTRAX ropes using FUSE SHACKLES ensures it stays in the right place.

The FUSE SHACKLE is the initial point of failure before any other component in the system.  

HITCH 50 converts any standard Hayman Reese style tow hitch into a rated recovery point designed specifically for soft shackle use.