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Tyre Repair Kits and Equipment

Tyre Repair Kits and Equipment

Tyre repair equipment is not often thought of when packing for a trip. Often people will think the old spare tyre on the back of the truck will do the job and get them out of trouble, and in many cases it will. However, tyre repair equipment is as essential as a snatch strap when it comes to four wheel driving. There are many options when it comes to buying tyre repair products and we aim to show you a few with this article.

Repairing a Damaged Tyre

Knowing when a tyre can be safely repaired and when it is damaged beyond repair is key to recovering your 4wd vehicle out in the bush.  If you mistake a tyre to be safely repaired, you may find yourself in more trouble with a tyre blow-out resulting in a possibly fatal accident.

A tyre is made up of a series of steel reinforcment belts which form the basic shape of the tyre.  Rubber is then moulded to form the sidewall, shoulder and the tread of the tyre.  If a puncture or damage to the tyre occurs in the shoulder or sidewall of a tyre, it is unsafe to repair.  Punctures to the tread area of the tyre are safe to repair in the bush and will be enough to get you home.

The most obvious sign of a un-repairable tyre is when a large cut is formed in the tread area.  By large cut, I mean an area that is too large to repair with 2 tyre plugs.  When a tyre is found to have this much damage, it is time to use the spare and replace the tyre.

As mentioned above, if a sidewall has damage, it is time to replace the tyre.  No sidewall should ever be repaired, however out in the bush it may be possible to get you to the nearest tyre shop by temporarily plugging the hole.  You should consider travelling at a lower speed on this tyre however.

It is advisable to always take a repaired tyre to a tyre shop so they can check over your repair and make sure it is safe.  After a tyre repair, a tyre may become out of balance and have additional road noise.  On long off road trips, it is recommended to take at least 2 spare tyres.  It is still possible to run out of spares on your journey and its very likely you will need to repair your tyres with a tyre repair kit.  Here's some of your options for off road tyre repair recoveries.

Tyre Repair Kits

Tyre repair kits like the ones available from are designed for vehicles with tubeless tyres.  They are a compact kit providing plenty of repair strings and the reaming and needle tools to apply them.  They are also supplied with application lube, glue and a digital tyre pressure guage.

Most repairs can be performed without removing the tyre from the rim.  Simply plug the damage and reinflate your tyre. Easily repair punctures caused by rocks, nails or other debris off road without having to remove the tyre from the rim.  Always check the amount of repair cords, valves and lubricant you have before departing for your trip.

Tough Tyre Repair Kits are an essential piece of equipment for every vehicle both on and off road.  Store the Tough Tyre Repair Kit easily in your recovery gear bag or internal spare wheel well.

The kit includes everything required to repair a tyre in an emergency situation:

  • 100% Alloy Reaming Tool
  • 100% Alloy Needle Point Insertion Tool
  • Lubricant
  • 30x Self Vulcanising Tyre Cords
  • Digital Tyre Gauge
  • Spare Tyre Valve Parts and Extensions
  • Allen Keys

Repairing a puncture on the go is as easy as following these simple steps:

  1. Remove the puncture material - clear the nail or puncture causing material from the tyre using pliers or grips.
  2. Use the reaming tool supplied in the tyre repair kit to enlarge the puncture hole.
  3. Insert a self vulcanising cord into the needle handle and apply lubricant to the needle.
  4. Push the cord into the tyre puncture hole and twist.
  5. Pull the handle out while holding the base in order to release the cord inside the tyre.
  6. The tyre is now repaired and is ready for inflation.

Never attempt to repair the sidewall of a tyre! The sidewall of your tyres are under different strains and pressures than the treaded part that makes contact with the road. Often major blowouts can result from the repair of a sidewall.

Tough Tyre Repair Kit Instructions

  1. Locate the puncture in the tyre.  This can usually be done via a visual inspection however spreading soapy water across the tyre can locate punctures easily.
  2. Mark the location of the puncture and remove the puncture material using pliers or multi-grips.
  3. Use the reaming tool in an up and down motion to enlarge and roughen the surface of the puncture hole.
  4. Peel the backing off a self vulcanising cord and insert into the needle handle until approximately half way. Apply lubricant to the needle to make it easier to insert.
  5. Push the cord into the tyre puncture hole approximately two thirds of its length and twist the needle handle once.  
  6. Slowly remove the needle handle from the tyre while holding the base against the tyre in order to release the cord.
  7. Trim the excess cord from the outside of the tyre.  The tyre is repaired and is now ready for inflation.
  8. If a leak remains, another tyre repair cord can be inserted alongside original cord.
  9. Never attempt to repair the sidewall of a tyre.

Off-road vehicle tyre repair is often dangerous.  Be careful when lifting and working underneath a vehicle.

Follow these instructions carefully when performing vehicle tyre repair with Tough Tyre Repair Kits.

Warning: Personal injury and/or property may occur should you fail to follow these instructions.  Warranty may be void if instructions are not followed.  Warranty information is available from

Do not attempt to get under a vehicle when it is only supported by a Jack.  
Do not attempt to repair the sidewall of a tyre with Tough Tyre Repair Kits.

Tough Tyre Repair Kit

Taking tyre repair equipment with you is essential when going on your next 4wd trip. The Tyre Repair Kit is a simple to use kit in case of puncture in an emergency. Tyre repairs can be made without removal of the tyre.

Click here to buy a Tough Tyre Repair Kit.

Tyre Pliers, Bead Cheaters & Tyre Levers

The outback is not a daunting place if you are well prepared and have bothered to do your research and learn a few skills along the way.  Most tyre related issues can be fixed with a simple tyre repair kit, however sometimes you may find youself with a tear in your tyre bigger than what can be repaired with one of these kits.

Tyre pliers are very quick to use and operate on the simple lever principal.  They allow you to remove the tyre from the rim quickly and easily to install a much larger plug from the back.

Bead cheaters are suitable for use on any rim type & size, but may mark alloy rims. Operates on a combination of clamp/screw design. Once set up is very quick & easy to use. Ideal for use where a large variety of tyre sizes & tyres will be used (ie Trucks & Tractors).

Tyre levers have curved & tapered ends to suit different shaped rims. Ideally two levers are required to be used with a bead breaker to successfully remove and refit the tyre to the rim.

Tyre Pressure Monitors

Avoiding destroying your tyres should be your aim when travelling in the bush.  The best way to do that is to monitor your tyre pressure.  Regular inspection of the condition of your tyres and their pressures should be part of your routine.  The best way to detect a leaking tyre is to use a reliable tyre pressure monitor system.  It will pay for itself time and time again if you find a leaking tyre before it is too late.