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If you like the size and power of the Chevrolet Suburban, but prefer a Ute, you won't go far wrong with a Silverado. It's built on the same basic frame and has a similar choice of enormous engines and you can get it with two or four door cab options. Add on a roomy truck bed at the back and you have a tough and powerful vehicle that can haul you and a few mates pretty much anywhere along with all the gear you need to have a great time when you get there. Add a few accessories from Tough Toys and the Silverado is an excellent choice for getting out into Australia's spectacular landscapes.

Of course heading off in your Silverado for a touring holiday or even just a day of off roading needs a bit more kit than it comes from the showroom with, and Tough Toys is here to help you get it at a good price. We constantly check out new 4wd accessories from all over the world, and make the best ones available to Australian enthusiasts. Our range covers everything from recovery equipment to stubbie coolers, so whatever you're after we can help.

The first thing we recommend to anyone who's planning to head off road is some decent recovery gear. The Silverado is a big, heavy beast and you'll have trouble getting it out of any sticky spots if you're not prepared. We'd suggest fitting a couple of proper recovery points, because these will work better than the standard tow points if you need hauled out. Decent snatch straps and shackles are essential, as are recovery racks. We have a great range of those including Treds and Escape Buddy. Throw in a folding shovel as well, and consider a winch if you like driving in areas with low traffic. There's nothing like a winch to get you moving again if there's nobody there to give you a tow.

One of the advantages of a Ute is you can take the gear for just about any outdoor sport along with you. The Silverado will haul a couple of dirt bikes, no problem. They will take up a lot of space in the bed of course, so add some extra capacity with a Proform bed extender. This adds the length of your tailgate to the bed and holds large items securely in place, and when you're camping you can dismount it and use it as a bench.

When it comes to camping you can't beat one of our Tough awnings, and if you have a four door cab there's plenty space to mount it. Add some mozzie nets and you have the perfect shelter to relax under at the end of the day. We have a range of cooking gear too, as well as all the little extras you need to make your camp comfortable. With a great range and fantastic prices, Tough Toys is your first choice for 4wd accessories.

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