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If you're into big vehicles the Chevrolet Suburban could be just what you're looking for. It's truly huge, a real classic American monster with a choice of giant engines. If you like to travel in comfort one of these will give you plenty of space. It's an ideal choice for 4wd touring, because as well as great off road mobility it has room for a bunch of your mates and all the gear you could need. Load it up with some top class outdoor and 4wd gear from Tough Toys and it'll be ready for anything.

Tough Toys specialises in finding the best gear for your 4wd or Ute, then making it available online at great prices to enthusiasts all over Australia. We love getting off road ourselves so we know what you're looking for when it comes to fitting out your Suburban. Our range covers just about everything you could need, from bottle openers to winches.

The Suburban is a big vehicle, and while it has great cross country performance anything can get stuck sometimes (and will, if you spend long enough off road.) That's when the size of your Chevy becomes an issue. How are you going to get it back out again? Well, you're going to need the proper kit for a start. The Suburban is one vehicle where we think fitting proper recovery points isn't just a good idea – it's pretty much essential. You'll also need a couple of properly rated snatch straps and shackles, and we have our own models plus some from Mean Mother. The Suburban's weight means some help is always handy in sand or soft ground, and you should carry at least one pair of good recovery tracks too.

When it comes to camping the Suburban's size really pays off. You have loads of room for luxuries, like a Bushpower fridge freezer. All your camp furniture will fit in the back too, so you can cook and relax properly. All you need is some protection from the weather, and one of our Tough awnings will sort you right out. Easy to set up and available in a range of sizes, these can be fitted with mozzie nets or tent walls for extra shelter and they come with LED lighting sets.

The need for good gear doesn't end when you get home after a trip. To keep your Suburban in top condition you'll need to clean it, and car washes can get expensive after a while. Save money and do a better job with a Karcher pressure washer. One of these will shift the most stubborn dirt and lets you get caked on mud out of every corner underneath, too. We even have Buster50 salt neutralising wash fluid to prevent winter rust.

Properly equipped, a Suburban is a great way to get around Australia's greatest landscapes. Our mission is to get you properly equipped. Have a look around the site and see where you want to start!

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