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Honda have always had an unrivalled reputation for innovative and high quality engineering. If you're taking one of their 4x4s well off the beaten track you're going to be glad of this, but the engine is not the only thing that has to be absolutely right when the going gets tough. You won’t be using your vehicle in exactly the same way that anyone else will be using theirs, so the way it came from the factory - great as it is - won't be quite what you really want. That's why it makes sense to think about the accessories you need to get the most out of your Honda and enjoy your off-road experience.

You might want to have a look at Tough Toys website and our range of quality accessories. You can shop at a time that suits you and we can give online advice, support and answers to your questions.

Protecting your Honda against damage to the sump by rocks and rough ground has to be pretty high up on your list of priorities. A high quality underguard will protect your chassis and undercar components.

Even with the best prepared and best protected vehicle the unexpected happens, and you’ll want to think about terrain where loss of traction could be a problem, be it snow, mud, boggy ground or sand. Before you sigh and get the shovel out, try our Tred recovery devices, designed and made in Australia. You can also think about carrying one of our Tough exhaust jacks – with its wide base, extra protection mats, high temperature hose and ability to lift 4000kg, it will work even where the ground's too soft for a conventional jack. That could make all the difference to getting home at the end of the day. While you are thinking in terms of repair and recovery in Australia’s great outback, you might want to consider our Tough air-compressor and tyre repair kit.

Water is heavy stuff and carrying enough for your needs can take up space and weight that you have better uses for. Our Lifesaver jerry-can uses filtration technology to give you clean drinking water from local supplies without the taste of chemical tablets. You might want to look at our water bottle and personal filters, as well as those for caravans.

You’ll have your own ideas for how you want to use your 4x4, and if your plans extend to more than a day, think about rear and side tents and awnings Of course don't forget mozzie nets - if you do you'll get reminded soon enough. Our Tough LED light bars (from 6 to 50 inches) and work lights will keep you driving through the night and let you sort out maintenance when you stop.  

A first-aid kit is money well-spent if you do use it and even better if you don’t. Here’s another situation where choosing the right product for your situation is important. Whether it’s the weather-proof marine kit, the deluxe or the personal kit that suits your needs, being able to put your hands quickly on exactly what you need when you need it is a must.

And at the end of the day? (or weekend or week or month or….  you get the idea) your 4x4 will need cleaning. (It’s a bit like sending the kids out to play – if they come back filthy they’ve generally had a good time.) We’ve got a wide range of products to help with that too. (The Honda that is – you’re on your own with the kids.)


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