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Honda's CR-V is a nippy little 4x4 that's a lot of fun. It's pretty capable off road too, though, and it can be made even better with a  few of the right accessories. If you drive a CR-V and you want to get the most from it on a trip into the outback, we can help you turn your car into a nearly unstoppable adventure machine. Read on to find out how to toughen up your Honda.

The CR-V's size and power make it pretty agile over rough ground, but you'll find yourself coming to a stop quick enough if you manage to smash something on a rock or tree stump. It's not always easy to spot hazards like that either, especially at night, so you need some extra protection underneath. We stock Brown Davis Underguard® armour panels for your CR-V. Made from 3mm cold-rolled steel plate, these bolt easily into place over your vehicle's vitals and make sure they stay in top running order. Go with protection for the steering, radiator and sump, or add a diff guard too for ultimate protection; either way this tough steel shell will shrug off any pounding and let you roll on.

Of course, even with an underguard it's best not to crash into stumps if you really don't have to. There aren't any streetlights in the outback, though, so it can be pretty hard to see rocks and other hazards. That goes double if the ground is dusty; your headlamps will reflect back from the dust you throw up, leaving you blind to what's right in front of you. That's where higher-mounted lights come in handy. We offer light bars in lengths from six to 50 inches, all based on LED technology for ruggedness and power. Fitted in cast aluminium casings, protected by polycarbonate lenses - they'd be bulletproof if they were much thicker - and fully sealed against water and dust, these bars will keep shining no matter what you throw at them. If you need to throw light out a bit farther we also have spotlights using the same technology and construction; these make great work lights, too.

Any time your CR-V gets stuck you'll get a chance to test your strength against the landscape. Give yourself a chance of winning with our recovery kit. TREDs give you the grip your tyres need to haul your CR-V (and yourself) out of mud or loose sand - even snow, if you can find enough to get stuck in. Our powerful exhaust jack is a great aid, too. As well as helping you easily change a puncture it's a quick way to lift a wheel that's bogged to the axle and let you get something under it - TREDs again, or even a chunk of timber. In fact once you've got yourself one of these amazing exhaust-powered jacks you'll keep finding new uses for it.

Off road driving is hard on tyres, and it's not easy to carry multiple spares; they're bulky and heavy. You need to be able to fix punctures yourself, and our Tough tyre repair kit lets you do that. Re-inflate repaired tyres with our handy compressor; heavy duty battery clamps and a long hose make light work of that job. The compressor is also handy for maximising your mobility. Get a set of Staun's legendary tyre deflators, and use them to accurately lower tyre pressures for better grip in soft ground. Then re-inflate for durability and fuel economy when you're back on a hard surface.

That's just a few ideas for how to make your CR-V into an exploration machine. We have plenty more; just let us know what you want to do and we'll help you get set up for it.


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