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The Hummer brand is maybe the most distinctive 4wd vehicle out there. A GM brand produced until 2010, the origin of the range was AM General's High Mobility Medium Wheeled Vehicle. This was the US Army's replacement for their old Ford jeeps, and it became famous during the 1991 Gulf War. In 1992 AM General started selling a civilian version as the Hummer H1, and when GM bought the brand in 1999 they added the roomier but slightly less hardcore H2 and H3. The H1 has real military pedigree, but any Hummer model looks the part and has performance to match.

In fact the Hummer range – especially the H1 – come with a standard spec that includes a lot of the most common 4x4 accessories. The H1 has a high-mounted air intake, so it can ford 30 inches of water without a snorkel. If you have an H3 don't worry; there's a Safari snorkel that does even better. Bash plates? You don't need those – the underside is already built to survive hitting anything short of a land mine. Long range fuel tanks? Standard.

That's not to say you can't get even more performance out of your Hummer with some well chosen modifications though. Even a Hummer can get stuck, and fitting some proper recovery points – or even a winch – will make it easier to get out. You need to make sure you have decent snatch straps as well, and realistically the jack in your toolkit won't help much if you get bogged – an exhaust jack is much more effective.

Enjoy a nice camp at the end of a day off roading? You probably don't want to be sleeping in the Hummer then. Relax in comfort with a vehicle mounted awning, mozzie nets and decent cooking gear. You're driving a big vehicle; use its load space to carry a few luxuries.

All of us at Tough Toys are 4wd enthusiasts, and we've built up plenty experience when it comes to the gear you need to take with you when you head into the bush. All the kit we supply is stuff we would use ourselves, which is why we're happy to recommend it to you. Because we only trade online our prices are unbeatable too, and there's no worries about how far you are from our shop – we deliver across Australia. If you want to make your Hummer into the ultimate outback exploration machine we're ready to help you out.

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