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If you say you're going off roading in your Hummer H3, nobody's going to laugh at you. Developed from the US military's famous HMMWV, this is a chunky big vehicle with a real no-messing attitude. It performs like it looks, too. Short overhangs, high ground clearance and a big engine let it do some pretty amazing stuff. It'll drive right across a 16 inch vertical wall, for example. We're not quite sure why you'd want to do that but it works on rocks too, which is all good.

Of course compared to the HMMWV and its civilian equivalent, the H1, the H3 has been toned down a bit. That makes sense, because a lot of people buy them for the looks and don't really need military-level performance, but with the right modifications you can turn it back into a cross country machine that's every bit as hardcore as an H1. At ToughToys we have the gear you need to do that and we can supply it at a great price, too.

One of the most obvious things missing from the H3 is the military-style snorkel. It can still wade through 24 inches of water, which is pretty impressive, but it's easy to do even better. Safari snorkels are made in Australia and built to take the worst our interesting landscape and climate can throw at them. By moving your air intake up to roof level you'll increase your wading depth as well as feeding your engine cleaner air when the tracks are dusty.

Unlike most modern 4wd vehicles the H3 comes with proper recovery hooks front and rear. That's great if you need to get pulled out of somewhere – or more likely if you're pulling someone else out. Make the most of them with a couple of quality snatch straps. Other handy recovery kit we stock includes sand channels, compact folding shovels and a selection of high lift and exhaust-powered jacks.

Of course half the fun of off road touring is setting up a camp at the end of the day and chilling out with your mates. We certainly enjoy it, which is why we've made sure our camping gear is the best you can get. Start with one of our awnings. We have a range of sizes, from big to huge, and they have a couple of unique features. First they have a reflective coating, so the shade under them stays cool no matter how sunny it is. Then they have built in LED lighting for when it gets dark. You can sit under it and enjoy a few cold beers in comfort. If you've done a lot of camping you've probably chilled your share of beers in a wet sock, but you might find our Bushpower fridge freezers are more effective. These run on 12, 24 or 240 volts and tuck away neatly in the back of your H3.

Whatever you need to fit out your Hummer, Tough Toys have it. We're 4wd enthusiasts ourselves and we know what sort of gear you're looking for, plus we can deliver anywhere in Australia. If you want the best parts, we're your best supplier.

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